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I have the amazing good fortune to live where I play and I want to start a video series to share the beauty of nature with you.

Nature can both revive and center a weary soul. It enhances creativity and improves health.

I look forward to sharing these videos frequently. All of them are just a minute and a half in nature.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to get immediate notifications whenever there is an upload. I will also notify on this blog. However, my email notification program can be wonky sometimes so if you really want the notifications, click to subscribe to the YouTube channel. It is named Yippikiyo, my trail name, and will be my channel for outdoorsy and home building stuff.

I hope you enjoy the next 90 seconds!


2 Replies to “Ninety Seconds of Nature”

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! There are a few more on my outdoorsy youtube channel named yippikiyo. on Wednesday I will be putting up a ninety second video of a mule ride in Hells Canyon that is very nice and relaxing!

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