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Hello! I want to share with you the specifics of my “Any Weather Camping” truck camper build. This build is perfect for those who do not wait for perfect weather to go camping. I have been truck camping for several years now, traveling from the farthest point in the Northwest U.S. down to the Gulf Coast and enjoying the many wonders along the way.

The advantage to this build is the ability to reach everything, cook, switch from couch mode to sleep mode, all without exiting the cap. In bad weather, this is the number one benefit. I’ve seen some very nice builds that have slide out drawers for cooking, storage, even a kitchen sink!  But you have to be outside the truck and the tailgate has to be down for these to be used. That is no bueno in a downpour, hailstorm, or a sudden onslaught of mosquitos.

This is the second build I have done. The first was shown in my $100 build blog post (read it at ). It had a sleeping platform and a small sink and a flip-up counter for the kitchen. It was very spacious and minimalistic but everything got jostled on the rough roads. That is how I decided on employing a friction fit to hold everything in place without permanently attaching it to the truck bed.

You may be wondering why build out a truck to camp in at all? Aren’t you going camping to be IN NATURE? I remember the day I decided to stop tent camping and get some solid walls between me and nature. I was in eastern Oregon to see the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. The view was worth the drive but the wind picked up and made it utterly impossible to cook and very difficult to sleep. I ended up retreating to the cab of my truck, eating granola bars and other no-cook snacks. I realized I could either be a fair-weather camper or I could devise a way to get out in nature and still retreat to a protected place when needed.

I hope that the video and the very simple plans I’ve made will give you ideas to build out your own truck camper so that you, too, can go camping in Any Weather.

See the video here.

Download the very simple plans and measurements that I used for my “Any Weather Build”


2 Replies to “Yippikiyo’s “Any Weather Build” Truck Camper Plans”

  1. Wow Susan! I am very impressed by your brilliant and creative ingenuity! Your videos are awesome too! Thanks for your posts. Hugs from Houston.

    1. Thanks, Pam!
      It has been fun to play around and be able to camp anywhere I can park!

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