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Remember back in 2019 when I mentioned building a house on the Olympic Peninsula? There was the time I met a real water witcher, the time I built a door all by myself, and also the rehab of the $600 trailer who was reborn into the little home we call Brighty.

Then, 2020.

The world shut down. Included in the world was the government body that oversees building inspections. We could not start the build of Winter’s Hope as we had planned. Chris and his brother and nephew were able to pour the foundation of our little dream home on the OP and then wait to get it inspected but nothing else could be done.

I was not in attendance of the foundation because I ran out of disc space. Literally. As in, my vertebra was moving around and impinging on my nerves resulting in incapacitating pain and requiring surgery.

Now, finally!, we are able to start the build of Winter’s Hope. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a few photos. Here is a whole lot more! I just got a GoPro to have a Point of View video. In my fantasy, I am the Quentin Tarantino of home-building movies. In reality, I am unexceptional. However, I share the videos here to support all Beginners of New Things. I’m going to become proficient at using the GoPro app but in the meantime, I’ll make sure to have a 20-something person around. Ummm, is this thing on?

After building a wall flat on the ground, it has to be raised. With the aid of wall jacks, this is really a simple and safe exercise. Camille and I worked together in perfect unison to lift the bedroom wall. You can see it here.

Why are we actually doing this hard work ourselves, you might ask? For one, it is an awesome experience. For two, it isn’t easy to find artisan builders in a rural area. We are super lucky to have an experienced engineer in the family who happens to have a little time on his hands this summer and is generous enough to share it doing this work! Chris (aka “the don”) has some building experience. I have not lifted a ceiling joist in my life. But learning new things is my jam, so here we go!

Getting ready to build the first floor walls for the front of the house.
Saw dust makes a very comfortable bed
Finn helps Steve inspect the boards
The Working Crew
All Set up to cut boards!
These walls are absolutely plumb!
Camille and the nail gun
Nailing the wall to the floor


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  1. Awesome photos and truly awesome video of you and Camille raising the wall. But your mother worries about seeing you up on that ladder. 🙂

  2. I am so impressed.with you and your crew. Such a beautiful site. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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