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As I write this, the world is still in turmoil due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Social-distancing” is a new term to describe the measures taken to slow the exchange of virus from person to person. Many people are facing inconceivable challenges due to the shut down of “non -essential” businesses and others have gotten tremendously creative in finding ways to quickly reorganize their business.

In the midst of it all, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your sacrifice. I say a prayer several times a day for each of you to give you comfort and support. Stay healthy, creative, and resilient.

With much love,

Susan and Monty


5 Replies to “Just a quick check-in”

  1. Hi Susan! Aunt Honey here. It’s springtime and in the 70s here in Northern BA, patio door open, birds chirping, Lou and Stella are on the patio barking at dogs being walked by, buds on the trees, everything turning green.
    I think your voice sounds a lot like your cousin Sherry in this video.
    Joe is walking the dogs, plus he and Casey do a 5 mile walk each day. I am cooking and baking a lot. Today after my whole wheat flour arrives (that was hard to find online, and I had to buy 2 lbs of active yeast bc there was no smaller amt available) I am going to make a 5 ingredient no knead rustic bread. Fortunately we can get groceries delivered or have the shopping done by order and have contactless pick-up. And I joined a local farmers co-op delivery service for fresh veggies, farm eggs, fresh farm-made cheeses, yogurts, butter, etc. that delivers what I order each wk.
    I generally don’t go out much due to muscle loss from the Myositis so this isn’t too much different. But it’s nice to have Joe here, his job ended 3/11 as his company was acquired. We are being uber careful as I have a compromised immune system and some residual aspiration pneumonia from swallowing problems from Myositis so it’s important I don’t get the dreaded virus.
    Joe’s sister Mary is on the front lines as a nurse in the Covid-19 ICU at Boston Medical Center. She’s the one who needs protection prayers. And Paul, Joe’s sister Katie’s husband who is post-chemo for stage 4 pancreatic cancer.. they are going From Cape Cod into Mass General for body CT scans and experimental drugs routinely for him. Joe’s Mom is on lockdown at her asst living center apartment there, she can’t leave the apartment; only one resident w covid there so far.
    Family in Houston seem to be doing ok. Did you know Larry is selling the house and moving in w Christie?
    Love you, really disappointed I didn’t get to see you on your recent time in Philly.
    Love, Honey

  2. Susan, thanks for the good wishes. We are Staying at Home these days, here in Houston. Only going out to supplement pantry and fridge and that is using curbside pickup or delivery from grocery stores. We stopped going into stores mid=March. Prayers for you and all of us. Love, Janice

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