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I realize we are supposed to start the new beginnings and resolutions talk on New Year’s Eve or Day and so I am a little early. However, with all I have going on, I pray your forgiveness for jumping the gun.

I think I shall release the holiday season from the societal pressure to do more, be more, party more, reminisce more. No “more”

How about less? Yes, we hear it all the time, less is more. So here we shall celebrate less. Less pressure to appear successful, less stuff to want or buy, less processed food, less busyness and less business, less faux hugs or smiles, and certainly less stress.

This blog is kind of a way for me to fulfill a long overdue promise to try writing. And if you know me personally, you know that I, like Yoda, do not believe in trying. It is do or do not. And I will do. Maybe it will be good, or okay, or kinda sucky sometimes. It’s all right. No, not alright but all right.

Subscribe if you would like to get notifications of new posts. There is no format, this isn’t a blog about any one thing, unless the one thing happens to be whatever is going on in my head and experience. Then it is about one thing.  If you are interested in these goings-ons, let me know. I’ll be happy to respond to your notes and comments. Unless you are just looking to bitch or fight or whatever, then I’ll ignore you like a good Southern girl does and just think, “How nice.” Which is Southern for “eff you.” But of course I would never actually say that. Would I? Of course not. How nice.



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