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I only just noticed the word “sever” is within the word “perseverance.” I think that, in light of what I share today, you will agree that it is good to have only noticed that academically now and be so grateful that all my fingers and toes are still where they are supposed to be.

Part of what I want to share is the complete infatuation I have with this dream-life of rural, off-grid living. I actually enjoy the physical work of feeding a wood stove for warmth. I like learning new skills, especially physical skills (I really don’t like learning new computer program skills) and so the chores around here are ways that I get physical motion as a part of my whole day, not just 30 minutes at the gym. The main house where I am staying is very nice and big with lovely skylights and Alexa to play any music I desire so I’m not roughing it that much. After a day of being outside, I feel so gratified. After a day of working a computer screen, I feel like a day in my life was stolen.

Chopping wood is something I have never done before. I never swung an axe before a few days ago. I have to say that for me it was not a terribly natural thing. An axe is heavy! Learning to lift it over my head and then swing it down in the same place over and over took quite a bit of practice. My very patient teacher would encourage me by saying, “Good swing! Now hit it again in exactly the same spot and that log will split wide open.” He would even show me, “See, hold it like this and then let your hand slide down as the axe comes down.” And he could actually hit the log in the EXACT SAME PLACE EVERY TIME. For me, hitting it in the same place meant just hitting the top as opposed to the side or missing the darn log altogether.

But, as with anything, practice makes… well not perfect but better. And of course, yoga finds its way into even the most mundane farm chore.

Wish you were here!

P.S. My teacher says this wood is from an alder tree. I say the darn thing is obviously a Kevlar tree. Notice how the axe just bounces off the log? C’mon, what kind of wood could do that?


8 Replies to “Perseverance”

  1. YOU ARE UH-MAZE-ING!! I love your “Yes!” and especially when the log split on the first hit!! This made me really laugh…..made me so thrilled for you….and makes me miss you even more, but I am beyond happy for you!! Your very soul is satisfied, and it shows!! ?
    P.S…..Notice how far back Monty sat while you were swinging that big ax!!

    1. WHAT??? You are cutting a log from the tree you cut down with a chainsaw??? Holy cow!!!! Girl, your whole body will be ripped very soon!! Love your giggles in this video!!!

  2. You didn’t tell me there would be an axe involved! It’s all I can do to keep myself from saying COME HOME !!!!!!

  3. YES!! I love it!!! Yoga baby! I was clapping for you and celebrating out loud! Bad ass log splitting yogi! You look wonderful Susan. Thank you for posting. XOXO

  4. That video was soooo great! You’re one tough, talented and resourceful cookie, but we’ve always known that 🙂 Congratulations on the many new skills you’re acquiring — clearly more satisfying than tapping computer keys!! I love Monty’s little rain slicker — he must be such a happy dog being out in the wilderness with you! Sending you tons of love and encouragement. xxx

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