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This morning I acknowledged that it is the imperfections that are interesting to me. I hope I can remember this as I seriously enter my 50th decade!

Maybe, though, this is not a new thing. I have always preferred local theater or high school productions to the perfectly polished Broadway-style professional assemblies. I am attracted to earnestness, soulfulness, lovingness, Loch Ness…

okay, I have not really been to Loch Ness but I imagine I would like it better than Lake Superior, if only because Nessie chose it first.

Poor Nessie. She must be so very lonely. Can you imagine being the last of your kind? I mean, it is hard enough to find someone of your own species who understands you, but then to not even have that commonality? I was feeling quite out of my element as I traveled through the southern portion of California. I could find so little connection with the people here that I encountered. This is a very unusual experience as I can connect with and small talk anyone. I mean, I am a professional at this back home! I have attempted to talk to many people and it has been like no one is home each time. There was one guy, when I was buying a replacement camera (why a replacement was needed is a story for another time) who, after about 20 minutes, finally looked me in the eyes but then went back to his internal world. I wonder if that is how Nessie feels? Maybe she pops her head up to try and find a soul connection but then all the camera flashing and hollering sends her back down to swim with the fishes.

Maybe we all need to read the Dr. Bronner’s label and take it to heart?

See, there was the digression again. This is supposed to be about how we need to embrace our so-called flaws because that is what makes us interesting. Without these beauty marks, whether they are on the inside or outside, we are just plain white walls. We do not require fixing, we do not need to wait for some future date  to be better, to lose those 10 pounds or close that big deal or buy the perfect house with the perfect mate. Full and authentic acceptance of our uniquely human imperfections is what makes us beautiful.


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